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Sniffer Dogs!

The Nose Knows: The Science of Sniffer Dogs - Nancy F Castaldo

This book is on the science of dogs and their good sense of smell.In this book my favorite content in the book was ''The Science of Sniffing'' I like this content more than the  others in this book because it give allot of information on dogs and how they can smell things like another dog urine on a tree or a pole and they can sense mostly everything such as candy wrapper you threw in the trash even the dirty clothes that's in your closet  . A dog can sniff out things that happened days ago. Also a dog nose, is different then ours because "us'' humans nose doesn't pick up the strongest scent in a room or an yard as dogs they can. One fact I learn in this book is that ''A dog nose has hundreds millions of sensory neurons just waiting to process that next scent''.  All them neurons help dogs scent stronger 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than humans.If you are interested in dogs or have one you would like this book because you will learn more things about your dog that you probably didn't even know.